Team Camp Recap

Well, we wrapped up our first Olathe Subaru team camp on Sunday. The 5 day weekend was a blast, although the weather could have been about 30 degrees warmer. But overall, great team building experience and some great riding! As mentioned in the previous post, we started the team camp on New Year’s Eve and did a two hour ride over to the cross race to watch Garrick. We didn’t stick around too long because it was cold and we wanted to get back before dark. Thursday and Friday we did longer days getting in 72 and 87 mile days.

On Saturday we did the Joel Dyke Memorial Ride, which was a phenomenal tribute to Joel. The ride left from the shop, and despite it being a 30 degree morning and wet roads there were about 200+ riders that came out and another 100 or so that met at the hotel where there was a memorial service. It was extremely sad the circumstances in which this event were held, but incredibly inspiring the way the cycling community came together to support Joel’s family. After the Memorial Ride, we rode back to the house and got in another hour on the trainers since it was dark out.

Sunday, we were already planning on doing a gym day since snow was in the forecast and it was going to be one of the colder days. Sure enough, it was cold and there was a sprinkling of snow, so we went to the gym for some cross training. We did some plyo work, core, stretching, basketball, and hit up the climbing wall. After the morning gym session, we headed back to the house for a short trainer ride to wrap up the weekend.

Next weekend we will be in Arkansas with the GP Velotek crew for their training camp. We’re hopeful for some warmer weather and looking forward to Nebo and Magazine.





Olathe Subaru Cycling Team Camp 2015

We decided to kick off the new year by doing an OSC team camp here in Kansas. Originally the plan was to head somewhere warm, like Texas, but we decided we’d get more of the guys to come out if we stayed local. The weather hasn’t exactly cooperated, but it’s still been a lot of fun. We kicked things off with a nice and cold 2 hr, 20 degree ride and a NYE party on Wednesday, and a 72 mile ride yesterday to kick off 2015. Today the weather looked promising and we were thinking we would take advantage and get in 100 miles. It started off decently warm and sunny, however, about the time we were unzipping our vests and commenting on how nice of a day it was, the clouds rolled in, the headwind picked up, and the temperature dropped. After about 3 hours we finally were able to enjoy a nice tailwind, and ended up with 87 miles.

Tomorrow we are planning on doing the Joel Dyke Memorial Ride. More info on that can be found at IMG_1612IMG_1614

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