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With about a month left in our 2015 road season, we reflect on what has made this past year so special. While some of our success stems from the efforts of our 8 man roster, there is no way we could do this without the love and support from all of you. In our latest blog we express our gratitude to the businesses and individuals who have made this season possible.

Bill George’s Olathe Subaru

We are a bit biased, but the guys and gals at Olathe Subaru are the best. Subaru’s have always been a great vehicle for anybody living an outdoor lifestyle, but the Olathe Subaru experience takes it to next level.
Where else are you going to find a car dealership that allows you to host roller races for a bunch of crazy cyclists? The Olathe Subaru Cyclefest was a great event that helped us raise money for local junior cyclists.

In the past two years quite a few people have chosen Olathe Subaru to purchase their new vehicles, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of all of you. By choosing Olathe Subaru you’re not only supporting a great community business, but also showing your support of our team and the growth of Kansas cycling.

Thank you!

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Rider Kent Woermann and his girlfriend Kelly Skinner (Trek Women's Racing) with their brand new Subaru just before heading off to a race!

Rider Kent Woermann and his girlfriend Kelly Skinner (Trek Women’s Racing) with their brand new Subaru Crosstrek just before heading off to a race!

Trek Bicycle Stores

There are many cycling shops in the Kansas City area, but few that can offer the Trek Bicycle Stores experience. The staff is knowledgeable about everything from high end racing bikes to comfort cruisers and always make us feel at home.

The people working for Trek understand that cycling is more than just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle and a huge part of our daily lives. They understand that when we purchase a bike we’re investing our hard earned cash and expect a product that will perform to our standards. Fortunately, Trek’s standards are high and our Trek bikes have been glorious.

We’ve raced our Emondas’ in the rain, through mountains, around the sketchiest of criterium corners, and even through gravel roads. In every situation the Emonda has delivered us to the podium with confidence – and more importantly – style.

In addition, the Bontrager accessories available at the Trek Store are at the top of their game. In the past few years they made huge improvements in their clothing line and accessory gear. Everything from their socks to their wheels has impressed us this year. The quality is solid and you would never guess by looking at our Bontrager equipment how much hell it’s been through this season. This stuff is made to last!

Thank you!

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Most of the team after Garrick wins the overall at Tour of Kansas City aboard his Trek Emonda.

Louis Garneau

The very first time wearing LG clothing – “This is the nicest stuff I’ve ever worn!”

After nearly 6000 miles of wearing LG clothing – “This is the nicest stuff I’ve ever worn!”

Our favorite piece this season was the Course Skinsuit. Skinsuits are infamous for their lack of versatility, usually only ideal for time trials or shorter races like criteriums. The LG skinsuit is a game changer, with the addition of pockets and a new zipper design, you can now comfortably wear the skinsuit in all types of races. The breathability of them is a surprise as well since most skinsuits we’ve worn in the past can feel a bit claustrophobic on a hot/humid day. This piece was ridden to the top step of the podium in a number of long road races this year, a testament to the versatility of the Course.

Next up on our favorites list was the LG Course Helmet. We never verified the aerodynamic claims (although Bike Radar did and it scored very well – check it out here), but the breathability and feel of the helmet was undoubtedly awesome. These helmets were so light with a much small profile that you can barely tell you’re wearing a helmet at all.

Thank you!


 Rider Michael Allison wore the LG Course Skinsuit and LG Course Helmet to victory during 110 mile road race at this years Joe Martin Stage Race. Photo: Ethan Glading

Rider Michael Allison wore the LG Course Skinsuit and LG Course Helmet to victory during 110 mile road race at this years Joe Martin Stage Race.
Photo: Ethan Glading

GP Velotek

The Velotek crew has been a great supporter of our endeavors and a huge part of our initial growth as a team. The professional help we’ve received from many of it’s members has been instrumental in our success, and we are very thankful for all they have done.

In 2016 we’ll be taking on many new ventures. Our strength as a team can be used to benefit the greater cycling community and help out in many aspects, ranging from junior development, supporting women’s cycling, and performing community service with various other organizations. In 2016 we will no longer have a formal partnership with VeloTek, but we will continue to be active with the cycling community as a whole with the goal of growing the sport.

Thank you!


The Olathe Subaru guys riding with some of the Velotek juniors to help teach them some riding/racing skills.

The Olathe Subaru guys riding with some of the Velotek juniors to help teach them some riding/racing skills.

Chamois Butt’r

What can we say… Butt’r makes it better! We put in a lot of hard miles every season and for years Chamois Butt’r has been there to ensure our butts are comfortable on the saddle.

In recent years the Butt’r brand has expanded their product line to include some other great products that we’ve used regularly throughout the season. Skin Wash, Kit Wash, and even embrocation for winter training and spring racing!

Rider Kent Woermann applying some embrocation before a chilly spring race.

Rider Kent Woermann applying some embrocation before a chilly spring race. He also has the Skin Wash ready for his post race shower.

One of the team favorites has been the Skin Wash. After a hard race we usually (always) smell horrible and feel gross from all the sweat, sports drink, road grime, and whatever else we managed to get ourselves into. This isn’t good when you need to grab some food and drive a few hours home. To help resolve the issue we developed the “Skin Wash Shower”. This involves dousing ourselves with Skin Wash then rinsing off with a little water and finishing with a quick towel dry. The water and towel aren’t necessary, and you might argue the Skin Wash isn’t either, but the combo of the three leaves you feeling fresh enough that you might forget you need a shower when you finally get home.

Thank you!



Lawrence Bicycle Club

This was our second year working with Lawrence Bicycle Club. They are a huge staple within the Lawrence cycling community, hosting some of some of the best weekly group rides and events such as Lizard Under the Skillet and Octaginta. They are great advocates for the sport and our partnership with them is an effort to bridge the gap between recreational cyclists and racers.

Thank you!

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The team joined the fun at the Lawrence Community bike ride.

The team joined the fun at the Lawrence Community bike ride.

Move Up Endurance Coaching

Kent Woermann of Move Up Endurance Coaching came on this year as a rider for our team, and sponsor for our team’s coaching needs. Kent has a true passion to help athletes achieve their goals. This is apparent not only through his work with the team, but with his involvement with other cyclists in the community. We’re happy to be a part of Move Up Endurance Coaching and excited to see Kent’s impact on cyclist’s development in the future!

Thanks Kent!



Topeka Ear, Nose, and Throat / Callahan Creek / Wirken Photography

Doug Barnes of Topeka, Ear, Nose, and Throat has been a tremendous help in getting our team off the ground. He is a local cyclist in Topeka and has been so generous to our team the past two seasons. Thanks Doug!

If you have ridden with us, or seen us out at races, chances are you have noticed our stripey kits and possibly even commented on them. Frankie Andreu coined us the “Striped-Boys” at this year’s Tulsa Tough. Chris Ralston was the artist behind our look this season, and we have received nothing but positive feedback. At Joe Martin, one team commented saying they were the coolest kits they had ever seen. We agree. You’re a true artist Chris. Thank you!

If you ride bikes in Kansas, you probably know David Tjiptogarsono. He is one of the friendliest guys in the sport, and is the best cycling photographer we know- not to mention he is a nationally ranked wedding photographer. Many of the photos you see on our website, social media, and promotional items are because of this awesome dude. You’re a wizard behind the camera lens, David. Thank you!

Our Friends and Family in the Community

There are plenty of folks not named in this list who have played a huge role in what we are doing. We are fortunate to have so many supportive friends and family members who have been so important in our team’s progression this season. From January to September we spend hundreds of hours riding and racing our bikes, traveling across the country eating Chipotle, all in the name of this sport, and we are continually amazed by the love and encouragement that we receive from so many of you. Thank you so much, and we can’t wait to see what is possible next year.

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Olathe Subaru Collage