2016 Amateur Criterium National Championship

Cycling for Sanity’s Sake

By: Garrick Valverde I don’t believe we’re designed to live such easy lives. Yes, this is a cycling blog. Hold tight for a minute while I ruminate about our existence. You’ve got it good. How do I know that? I know that because if you’re reading this, you have access to the Internet. That access […]

Cyclocross Isn’t Wrestling

Unlike a wrestling ring where the ropes can be used as a sling shot while performing acrobatic fighting maneuvers, the tape on a cyclocross course breaks when you run into it. To help you shred the course and not the tape, here are some words of wisdom from our OSC riders. Kent Woermann I find that riding […]

Thank You

With about a month left in our 2015 road season, we reflect on what has made this past year so special. While some of our success stems from the efforts of our 8 man roster, there is no way we could do this without the love and support from all of you. In our latest […]

Olathe Subaru Wednesday Evening Junior Ride!

What A junior development ride led by the riders from the Olathe Subaru cycling team. All levels of junior riders are welcome to attend. More experienced riders will practice race tactics around Clinton Dam, while younger riders will ride the out-and-back path that goes towards Clinton lake (approximately 4-5 miles). Where When Wednesday, June 24th […]

Nebraska Omnium Weekend 2015

Saturday Morning: 14 mile Time Trial By: Michael Allison These past few weeks have been a blur. Since Quad Cities, my training weeks basically consist of active recovery, and just about the time that my legs start feeling normal, its the weekend and I tear them apart again. It’s wild how racing every weekend seems […]

Tour of Kansas City 2015

Gooseneck Time Trial By: Michael Allison As I am sure most everyone who is reading this is aware, we have been getting pounded with rain lately. As a bike racer, it’s inevitable that you will have to train and race in the rain a few times over the course of the year. But for the […]

Joe Martin Stage Race Part 2

Saturday: Stage 3- 87 mile Road Race By Garrick Valverde Saturday was the 87-mile road race with just over 5,000 feet of climbing, which is pretty significant. There’s an 8-mile trek out to a 25-mile course that we do three laps of. The stage started with a neutral roll out of about four miles. During […]

Joe Martin Stage Race Part 1

Thursday: Stage 1- Devils Den Time Trial By Kent Woermann Everybody’s pre-race game is a little different. Most of the team blast techno and fist pump their way through their morning, while I prefer a more relaxed approach, starting with a nice quiet breakfast, maybe a little Mumford and Sons, then taking a little more time than […]

Series Win at Spring Fling

Leading into the final week of the Spring Fling, there were numerous discussions over what our strategy would be. With rumors that second place in the series, Joe Peterson (Rasmussen Bike Shop), would not be there, I had the overall series win secured. Kent and Benn were sitting 4th and 5th in the series so […]