Rider Bio: Ian Silovsky


Hometown- Milford, Kansas

Residence-Topeka, Kansas

Birthday- 08/06/1988

Strengths- All-rounder

Height- 5’10”

Weight-147 lbs

Ian has been competitively racing bikes for 5 years. Coming from a collegiate running background, he thought Triathlons’ would be his next adventure, until he bought his first road bike for $200. Soon after riding the open roads he decided to participate in his first Crit in Arkansas and the rest was history.

For Ian cycling offers him the ability to stay active, while still keeping his competitive edge. “The combination of technology, camaraderie of teammates, and the opportunity to challenge oneself, makes this sport the best in the world!”

Ian’s goal for 2015 is to earn his upgrade points to a Category 1 level rider, and to continue the growth of a regional elite team based out of Kansas. When Ian is not working or riding, he is spending his time with his wife, Caitlin and his two labs.


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