Louis Garneau Course Helmet Review

We are so happy (and thankful) to be riding some of the best equipment for this upcoming 2015 season. One of which is the Course Helmet from Louis Garneau. This is our rider review for this beauty. Enjoy!


LG Course

First off I am willing to bet that most of us are attracted to a product because of aesthetics reasons first, not function. We must applaud LG for their killer design. I personally think its one of the most visually pleasing helmets on the market. It carries a clean look on and off the rider. When worn the straps lay flush on the head, which only enhances the compact look.

How about the functionality of the helmet? LG spent much of their R&D in the wind tunnel. The Course helmet was created and critiqued with a rider in many riding position. Makes sense developing a helmet that way to me, but to my understanding LG was ahead of the curve on this one.  In short, when you change position from hoods to the drops the helmet is working harder for you to minimize the drag. When it was all said and done, they came up with an original design, that looks great, has an aerodynamic quality that is almost unrivaled by any other road helmet, and most importantly offers large vents to keep your noggin cool during the hot Summer Midwest days. And when you are sweating during those hot days, the anti-microbial padding inside the helmet will prevent you and your helmet from stinking.

LG takes a unique approach when addressing the safety, and comfort features of their innovative top tier helmet as well. All helmets in the U.S. must pass Department of Transportation Standards, which is good for all of us, but LG takes it one step farther by providing a safety light that attaches to the back by Velcro to the ratcheting system. It is a cool perk and it works great for those dusk/night rides! I know what you’re thinking, the light gets in the way of the comfort/and adjustment of the helmet? But that is not at all the case. The light stays out of the way, and you forget that its there protecting your rear from meeting a solid piece of steel. Even with the light attached the ratcheting system is still accessible and offers a wide range of micro-adjustments right at your finger tips. It gives a solid and snug placement on your head and all of these features only add 250 grams to your race day dress.

All in all, Louis Garneau offers great protection from the dangers of the open road that looks great, is aero, and is very breathable. If you are interested in riding the LG Course this year or click on the link below:

Check out the LG Course Helmet!

Thanks for Reading!

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